chak de phatte!

Since 1998, MIT Bhangra has been displaying its unique talent and dance form at many different levels and forums. We have competed with some of the best Bhangra teams in both the United States and Canada. We have performed at various showcases and at many of MIT's domestic events. We annually host MIT Summer Bhangra where people of all age groups and skill levels from the Greater Boston area are taught bhangra over the summer, culminating in a major performance at the Indian Association of Greater Boston's (IAGB) India Day celebrations each year in mid-August.

Photographs in our photo gallery or past performance videos on our YouTube channel may not be used for private use without first contacting MIT Bhangra's Executive Board, clearly explaining the purpose of such use, and getting written permission from them.

» To all competition and showcase coordinators: invitations to MIT Bhangra to apply to or participate in your prestigious event may be sent by contacting MIT Bhangra's Executive Board.

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